EuroScience Latest News May 2013

Calls Open


The calls for Science-2-Business and Career proposals are open. The Science-2-Business programme will include sessions on innovation, entrepreneurship and business development. The Career Programme will deal with career issues for researchers at all stages. Both calls will close on the 11th August 2013, and we encourage you to submit excellent proposals respecting the selection criteria of each programme. To know more on how to apply, please consult the ESOF2014 website.Daugiau...

NB: The Scientific and the Science in the City Programmes calls are closed.

European Science TV and New Media Festival


The European Science TV and New Media festival is approaching rapidly. Save the dates: 14-16 June 2013, Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland.  Free entrance! 

Feel free to spread the word to your friends.

The programme has been released and can be found on the EuroScience website. Given the high number of excellent quality productions, not all of them will be projected at the festival but will be all considered by the Jury. No doubt that this will be a successful event.


One of the important ways of reaching and inspiring a general public with science and technology is via the audio-visual media – television and the web/new media. EuroScience and EuroPAWS have joined forces to establish this annual event with the following eight categories:

  • TV Documentaries
  • TV Drama or Docu-drama
  • TV General Programming
  • New Media Productions
  • The best presentation of science or technology in relation to an environmental issue
  • The best presentation of a woman scientist or engineer, real or acted
  • The best presentation of Medical Research
  • The best production as voted on by the festival theatre audience

The Euroscientist

What do you really want to read about in the Euroscientist?

Dear Readers,

We value your feedback and now is the time to ask you what you really want to read about in the Euroscientist. Over the next few weeks, we would like to open our editorial schedule to  your suggestions. Please email editor[at] by 15th June 2013. Once, you have sent a few suggestions, we will ask all readers to vote and we will commission articles about the most popular topics to be published in the autumn. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Sabine Louët, The Editor

Enjoy our brand new articles

Articles published in May, click on the links to open the articles:

Austerity Special Issue

Have you read it yet?  The  Euroscientist has recently published a special issue on Austerity and what impact it has on research as well as on researchers themselves across Europe:

Help us to fund the Euroscientist

We now need your help to make the Euroscientist a sustainable collaborative platform and to continue to offer you this unique forum. Specifically, we need to have sufficient funds to pay our content contributors, freelance science journalists, illustrators, photographers, copy editors, and editors. We therefore need your kind donations — as little as 2 Euros per reader would help us tremendously — to continue covering various issues related to European research and help you be heard.

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Internal affairs

EuroScience Governing Board

The EuroScience Governing Board will meet on July 2nd, 2013 in Paris. The Board will discuss several important issues. EuroScience wants to increase membership and we have put together attractive benefit packages for individual members and for Friends of EuroScience (the corporate members, amongst whom university faculties). We want to have much more active Local Sections and Working Groups. The European Young Scientists Platform which EuroScience is setting up with a number of other organisations is another topic. And we will discuss the cooperation that has been established between grassrroots science organisations in Northern America (AAAS), Europe (Euroscience), China (China Association for Science and Technology), India (India Science Congress Association) and Brazil (Brazil Society for the Promotion of Science). We will inform members of course of the outcome of the Governing Board.