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Alcatel-Lucent Claims New Undersea Speed Record – 31TB/s

We’re still in the early stages of 100G deployment, but the next wave of technology is hitting the testing and demo stage. Alcatel-Lucent today claimed a new world record for highest subsea capacity over a single fiber, putting a whopping 31 Tbps over a 7200km link. Continue reading “Alcatel-Lucent Claims New Undersea Speed Record – 31TB/s” »

Graphene Speeds Telecommunication

Graphene Faster

Research from the Universities of Bath and Exeter suggests that the use of graphene in telecommunications could improve speeds by nearly a hundred times that of current materials.

In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, researchers from the Center for Graphene Science at the Universities of Bath and Exeter have demonstrated for the first time incredibly short optical response rates using graphene, which could pave the way for a revolution in telecommunications. Continue reading “Graphene Speeds Telecommunication” »