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The motion of the medium matters for self-assembling particles

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Earlier work assumed that the liquid medium in which certain self-assembling particles float could be treated as a placid vacuum, but scientists have now shown that fluid dynamics play a crucial role in the kind and quality of the structures that can be made in this way. Continue reading “The motion of the medium matters for self-assembling particles” »

3-D Self-Assembling Polymer and New Microchips

3-D Self-Assembling Polymer Materials Could Lead to New Microchips.

As computer chips continue to shrink, developers are reaching the limits on how small they can make patterns for wires. A team of researchers at MIT believe they have a solution to this problem. By using self-assembling polymer materials that form tiny wires and junctions, they found a new way of making complex three-dimensional structures. Continue reading “3-D Self-Assembling Polymer and New Microchips” »