Origami: Simple secret to creating flexible lithium-ion batteries

origami battery folded

The surprisingly simple secret to creating flexible, high-power lithium-ion batteries. Researchers at Arizona State University have fused the mystical arts of origami with modern materials science to create a high-performance, flexible lithium-ion battery.

These batteries can be twisted, bend, and scrunched up multiple times, while retaining the same energy capacity and power output. Perhaps most excitingly, though, the researchers tell me that “all standard electrode materials and packaging technologies are used,” meaning this tech is safe and could theoretically be commercialized in its current form.

origami-battery-folded-640x353One of the biggest remaining problems when it comes to flexible electronics — flexible smartphones, e-paper, etc. — is the lack of a flexible battery. We have covered some flexible and stretchable batteries on ExtremeTech before, but these have mostly been low-performance, printed or polymer batteries that probably wouldn’t work in commercial applications. The origami battery from Arizona State University, thanks to its use of normal materials and standard LTO/LCO battery chemistry, could finally usher in the era of flexible computing.

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