Training on the practical issues of patenting

During 18-19 December, a training on the topic “Patenting. Practical issues” was provided by the Institute of Lithuanian Scientific society in cooperation with the Public Enterprise “Edukacijos ir tyrimo centras” in the premises of the Lithuanian Scientific Society. This is just one training of those planned under the training program of the project NR. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-05-K-02-020 “Encouraging local and international scientific cooperation, and development of professional expertise” funded by the European Social Fund. The complete schedule of trainings can be accessed here.

akimirkos koliazas
Moments from the training “Patenting. Practical issues” (Photo by Gediminas Zemlickas)

The topics of the trainings are provided in detail here.

One of the organizers of the training, project manager Rimantė Ribačiauskaitė from “Edukacijos ir tyrimo centras” concluded that training on the topic of patenting with the first groups of participants was a great success, as it has been planned.

A young, but very experienced teacher Evaldas Pabrėžra organized a series of lectures in the form of discussions-lectures. Participants proved to be really active. Especially active were younger participants – they wanted to know about everything and immediately. Participants were active during the both days of the training as though they were not tired at all. Traditionally, senior participants of the training were more reserved.

The very organizers of the training did not expect such a large interest of the participants in such a seemingly “clear” issue as patenting. Such enthusiasm could be explained by the fact that each of the participants has one or even several inventions developed, and is not planning to reduce pace in the activity of inventions.

It was a pleasure to see such a great number of active and creative minds in one place. The communication between the participants during coffee brakes, synergy of minds is likely to give start for new inventions, or at least encourage people to look for solutions on how to improve the current inventions.

Beside young developers, it was great honour to see such well-known scientists in the area of embedded systems and electronic, as proffesor Liudmila Nickelson, habil.Dr. V. Gontis, and professor Audrius Čereška.

Other planned trainings will be related to commercialization of science. Organizers of the trainings expect the interest of the participants to be as high as in the previous trainings.

Prepared by Gediminas Zemlickas