Work designed by a student in Lithuania recognized in the international awards

The Vinci

Device called The Vinci from the Lithuanian company of engineering solutions Aedilis was awarded in the prestigious commercial product design awards iF product design award 2014. Design for his unique product that has no analogues in Lithuania was developed by a student Denis Orlenok.

Having recently completed the studies, Denis Orlenok now can include a line into his CV stating that the design he has developed has been awarded in the international product design competition. The design of the product The Vinci was recognized as one of the best works of commercial product design out of 4615 competitors that participated in these global awards.
The award-winning device was manufactured in the company Aedilis. The main purpose of this device was to simplify the work of engineers allowing them not to carry dozens of tips and cables with themselves by using a single converter with accessories instead.

According to the manager of the engineering solution company Raimundas Slavinskas, much attention was paid not only to its functionality but also to its exterior, i.e. the design, when designing the product.

“We wanted to develop a tool for engineers to simplify all the processes in their work. The name The Vinci was chosen in honour of the picture Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci that was used as an inspiration when developing the design of the product; the picture symbolizes the perfect harmony in human being and in nature. In this device, all the elements are arranged so as to make the device ergonomous and convenient for using every day”, – said the manager of Aedilis Raimundas Slavinskas.

Whereas Denis Orlenok, who has just completed studies of design in Lithuania, did not conceal his joy of being awarded for he did not expect to see his work in the list of winners when he was filling the application.
“There is a strong competition in these awards. Applications are submitted by world-class companies that employ specialists who have been granted more than one or two similar awards. For me, as a beginner designer, this award is a huge stimulus to work and improve”, – said young man, who started his career in the Lithuanian engineering solutions company Aedilis right after finishing his studies.

The award earned by this young specialist is a perfect example of success which proves that even young people can contribute to the development of a company, and carry out important projects that bring perfect results.

Applications submitted for the competition iF product design award 2014 are assessed by 49 experts that are well known in the world. The best products are awarded iF exceptional quality marks. This The Vinci device manufactured in Lithuania will also contain this quality mark.

About the awards:

iF Product Design Awards were established in 1954, and every year they are organized by the iF International Forum Design organization. Along with Red Dot design awards, these are the most important awards for product design.

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