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Aircraft navigation is the science about the means and tools of controlling aircrafts while flying from one point on earth’s surface to another according to the trajectory selected in time and space.  Continue reading “AVIONICS I. TOOLS FOR DETERMINING POSITION OF AIRCRAFTS IN SPACE (1)” »

Quantum dot laser paves the way for lower-cost photonics

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With the explosive growth of bandwidth demand in telecommunications networks, experts are continually seeking new ways to transmit increasingly large amounts of data in the quickest and cheapest ways possible. Photonic devices — which convert light to electricity and vice versa — offer an energy-efficient alternative to traditional copper network links for information transmission. Unfortunately, these devices are also almost always prohibitively pricey.

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Orbital computing: An atomic-level tech for future computers


There seems to be no end to the claims that the data storage technology of the future has just been found.  But that hasn’t stopped one researcher from suggesting that his new discoveries could lead to read-write speeds several thousand times faster than anything now imagined for fancy magnetics or spintronics. Continue reading “Orbital computing: An atomic-level tech for future computers” »

(Lietuvių) Dronai: grėsmės ir galimybės

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The era of remotely controlled aircrafts started in the beginning of the 20th century. Drone refers to unmanned aerial vehicles (abbreviated as UAV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which are used in many different areas starting from military aviation and even agriculture.

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Three Brothers – One Story of Luck (1)

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It is uncommon that a company founded only few years ago suddenly becomes widely known not only in the country it was based in, but also in the international arena. This story happened with a high-tech company Brolis Semiconductors founded in 2011, and currently it is well-known not only in Lithuania, but also globally – from Japan to USA. The company specializes in designing semiconductor lasers, laser diodes, and other products. What makes these lasers special? Continue reading “Three Brothers – One Story of Luck (1)” »