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The next network

Vėjo turbinos „šneka“ tarpusavyje tokiu būdu optimizuodami savo produkciją.
Microcontrollers are everywhere. Essentially tiny computers that are embedded in machines, they supervise a rapidly-expanding universe of functions. In washing machines, for instance, they may access information embedded in electronic tags in clothing labels, allowing them to know whether items are wash-and-wear or wool. Other sensors may tell them how soiled the items are. They may also control water valves, and ensure that the door is securely closed. Continue reading “The next network” »

Electromagnetic energy duster

Dennis Siegel, a student at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany has built what he calls an electromagnetic harvester—it converts electromagnetic fields in the immediate environment into electricity to recharge a common AA battery. He’s won a 2nd place award in the HfK Bremen Hochschulpreis 2013 competition for Digitale Medien, for his efforts.
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ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013

ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013 – Be a part of what we all gained together!

We would like to remind you that the registration for the ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013 is still open until 12 March. The Spring Event takes place on 13 & 14 March 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. ARTEMIS arranged beneficial rates with Hotel Crowne Plaza including a buffet breakfast and free WIFI. Continue reading “ARTEMIS Spring Event 2013” »

Embedded systems, inventions, and patents (2)

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Embedded systems, inventions, and patents


Evaldas Pabrėža, with whom we had a chance to familiarize in the first part of the conversation, is convinced that specialists of embedded systems are going to be sought after in the near future in Lithuania. Continue reading “Embedded systems, inventions, and patents (2)” »