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Thresholds and barriers on the road of modern electronics

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Mindaugas VILIŪNAS’ main area of research at Vilnius University, Department of Solid State Electronics is charge carrier transport studies in materials with chaotic structure. Both the research carried out and courses being given (Microprocessor Technologies, Digital Signal Processors,  Continue reading “Thresholds and barriers on the road of modern electronics” »

Nanodiamond thermometer to take temperature of individual cells

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Researchers working at a lab at Harvard University have developed a technique that allows for taking the temperature of individual living cells. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes their technique and just how precise temperature measurements taken with it can be.

Australia’s new supercomputer a boon for climate scientists


Australia’s most powerful computer was unveiled in a boost for climate scientists who need to crunch vast amounts of data to make forecasts and pinpoint extreme weather, officials said. Continue reading “Australia’s new supercomputer a boon for climate scientists” »

Quantum coherence in diamond and fluorescence thermometry

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Thermometry – the measurement of temperature – is critical to a wide range of applications, including many industrial processes, biomedical monitoring, and environmental regulatory systems. However, measuring temperature in the presence of high RF (radio frequency) or other electromagnetic fields – such as are found in aerospace, automotive and medical systems – cannot be accomplished using electrical thermometric probes. Continue reading “Quantum coherence in diamond and fluorescence thermometry” »