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Activity background in the country (2)

The end, (beginning No. 3)

Vague hopes for education without entrepreneurship

E. Kazanavičius claims that a year ago, he used to order various components of embedded systems for his researches before 12 a.m. and received them the next day at 2 p.m. Today he is happy he receives the components in the period of three months, and for some components it takes even up to six month to be delivered. Continue reading “Activity background in the country (2)” »

About embedded systems – in simple terms (4)

End (4), beginning No. 1

Similarities and differences between ES and personal computers.

To put in simple terms, ES may be called specialized microcomputers, and this analogy is quite helpful when discussing ES. Common computers are universal and can be used for a variety of tasks using various algorithms and applications. Microcomputers, are in contrary very narrow specialized and intended for a specific task. The software used for microcomputers is a program code, which is simple, fixed, Continue reading “About embedded systems – in simple terms (4)” »

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