ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit 2015 on 10-11 March in Berlin

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The 2015 Co-summit will be held on 10 & 11 March in the Berlin Congress Center in Berlin, Germany.

The event is jointly organised by ARTEMIS, represented by ARTEMIS Industry Association, the association for actors in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems within Europe, and by ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster on Software-intensive Systems & Services.

The 7th edition of the Co-summit will be dedicated to

‘Smart industry: impact of software innovation’.

The event will feature:

  • International keynote speakers from industry and Public Authorities
  • A panel session on the theme with European high level panellists
  • An exhibition showcasing around 75 European leading R&D&I projects
  • Speakers corners fuelled by the project teams themselves
  • The ARTEMIS Community session & Recognition Award Ceremony

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